SOFT99 Glaco Compound Roll On 100ml

soft99 glaco compound roll on glass polish

SOFT99 Glaco Compound Roll On 100ml

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Polishes, cleans, and removes old coatings from glass.

soft99 glaco compound glass polish
soft99 glaco compound glass polish
soft99 glaco compound glass polish

Made in Japan

To prepare prior to applying SOFT99's Glaco Ultra, the state-of-the-art technology maintains a strong coating that resists friction from wipers, dust, car washes, or cleansers, lasting 6 times longer than conventional coating agents. The water repellency lasts up to 1 year. A super long-lasting water repellent that lasts about six times longer than conventional products, with a water repellent effect that lasts about 12 months per use. The advanced coating technology forms a strong film that can withstand wiping friction, sand, dust, car washes, and detergents.

Glaco Ultra

Apply the ultimate Soft99 Glaco Ultra after using the compound to preserve and maintain continuous beading on your windshield!

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Glaco for side mirrors

Why use a specific Glaco for side mirrors? Specially formulated to be slick, allowing water to fall when there is no wind.

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Clean and protect

Want something easy to use? Glaco De Cleaner cleans and coats with Glaco technology.

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carpro clarify phobic water beading on glass

Preparation for long-term beading

SOFT99 Glaco Glass Compound Roll On effortlessly removes even the toughest oily stains or remnants of other coatings. By combining the abrasive power of small, hard particles with larger, soft particles, the Glaco Glass Compound Roll On ensures effective cleaning every time you prepare your windows before applying a glass coating.

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Glaco preparation window cleaner and polish

Removes waterspots, etched-in stains, pollens, and bird poop to ensure your glass sealants & coatings bond to the naked glass.  Does not remove or introduce swirl marks.  Simply put some elbow grease during application and rinse/wash off with water.

  1. Rinse and dry the glass to be treated.
  2. Shake well, then remove the cap and plastic seal.
  3. Press onto the glass and squeeze gently to release the compound.
  4. Utilize the felt head to polish the glass until water-repellency is completely eliminated.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Video here.

No, it does not. Glaco Compound is not strong enough to remove scratches from tempered glass. However, it will effectively remove waterspot etching, haze, etc.

No, Soft99 Glaco Compound Roll On can only be used on glass and not on plexi or acrylics.

No, it must be dry before use.

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