Carrand specializes in quality-made cleaning tools, such as wheel brushes, car wash mitts, applicators, microfiber towels, and much more. Carrand is the innovator behind Auto Spa Tools, Microfiber MAX, and Grip Tech TPR handles for their detailing brushes. Every tool is designed to be safe and effective on automotive surfaces and comfortable to use. The right tool makes any job easier. Carrand specializes in making the right tools for detailing.
Soft bristles clean wheels, fender and body.Side protective bumper.Soft rubber handle for comfort and function.
• Use wet or dry for chemical free cleaning• Keep inside car from fogging andremoving smudge marks from...
Electrostatic charge picks up dust easily and safely.Vent Duster Brush
• Specially treated fibers lift dust and dirt, will not scratch paint• Long handle for added reach• Storage...
Clean delicate LCD and GPS screens with the Carrand LCD Screen & Display Cleaning Kit! The kit includes...
Quickly and easily applies tire dressing.Contours to tire shape.Comfort molded handle.
The Carrand Brush & Shine Tire Dressing Applicator applies tire dressings evenly and neatly. Feathered bristles distribute the...
Kit includes:2 Sided vent louver detailer.Dust and crevice brush.Vent and seam detailing brush.
Stiff bristles clean bumper, grill and tire.Comfortable overmolded handle.
Jet sprays over 30 Feet (dictated by household pressure). Adjustable from jet to rinse.
Super stiff bristles to remove dirt from carpet or upholstery.Flared bristles for hard to reach areas.Soft rubber handle...
Patented mount design holds bristles.Soft rubber handle for comfort & function.Two separate durable bristle loops for complete cleaning.
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