The Last Coat

The Easiest Coating Product You’ll Ever Use

The Last Coat can be applied to your car or truck in as little as 20 minutes, no matter the age or shape you're in. It lasts on average 4-6 months, and requires no special experience.

The Last Coat looks to accomplish what other sealants and protectants do, but in a very different way. For one, there is no oil in The Last Coat as there is in some of the most popular brands out there. This means there is no streaking and no residue. This also means no messy and oily bottles. In side-by-side tests which can be seen on Youtube vs. one particular popular brand, The Last Coat demonstrated superior water-repelling properties as well. The Last Coat is very different in that it is a nanotech mesh ceramic-based product, so it creates a protective "shell" of sorts via technology similar to a professionally installed 9H ceramic coating but not quite as hard, which is why it can be sprayed on, wiped off, etc.

The new upgraded version of The Last Coat is also the most durable and chemical resistant all in one product on the market today. It cures enough within 5-7 minutes to drive out into the elements right away and also take some chemical attacks. After 24 hours, it is extremely chemical resistant across a whole pH range of chemicals.

The Last Coat is a newer technology as well, it is a blend of ceramic particles and SiO2 along with some proprietary ingredients in a very tight mesh blend that allows it to bond to the surface tighter than any all in one, DIY product today.

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