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Please note that our collection are all do-it-yourself products, all that goes on our shelves we believe are absolutely fantastic products that we filter out all the noise in the marketplace and only carry the most boutique, high-end and tested detailing supplies, but we have no control of how the user uses the products, thus we take no responsibility post-purchase use, but we and the manufactures will do our absolute best to support you if you run into any issues.  


We do our best to have the most accurate photo and description to represent the products.  We reserve all rights to amend orders if an error has been found or items cannot be fulfilled.  Warranties are supported by us within 30 days of purchase, however, beyond that they're covered by the manufacturer.


We have full rights to modify orders when something is out of stock, damaged, unfulfillable, or unable to ship in the winter (see our Winter Shipping FAQ) to protect the integrity of the product and brands.


Purchasing online or via retail store automatically agrees to our terms.

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