About us

Our humble shop is operated by a small, close group of friends & family that are nutty about helping your journey to have the glossiest car in your neighbourhood! 


We don't do detailing services, only products and guides - Have you checked out our free polishing workshops?  Our complimentary detailing seminars are hosted most Sundays through summer for everyone who is interested, from beginners to pros, where everyone can share, learn, experience and try different tools and methodologies, all guided by seasoned professionals.  Better burn our test panels than your car's, right?!  Workshops has no catch, no pitch, we're genuinely enthusiastic about detailing and sharing our time with you.

Our brands & products

Our collection brings together the finest and most explicit brands & products for you to get your detailing done right.


Having quality products is one thing, but our main focus is to service your needs and guide you through your detailing projects.


We believe in personalized solutions, guidance and unique products that everyone can enjoy.  You don't need to be an expert to experience how therapeutic it is to detail your vehicle!  The best part is when you're all done, step back, and stare at the glory you just produced! 


At present, our free workshops are not available, and we do not have an estimated time of availability.