GYEON Q²M Vinyl Cleaner 500ml

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GYEON Q²M Vinyl Cleaner 500ml

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Superb maintenance cleaner for Vinyl

Cleans all types of trim & vinyl surfaces

Gyeon VinylCleaner is a gentle vinyl cleaner suitable for all types of trim, including trim protected with quality dressings. It effectively removes dirt and dust, leaving a pleasant matte finish with absolutely no residue. Ideal for everyday use and regular maintenance, Gyeon VinylCleaner is versatile enough for use on exterior trim surfaces as well.

Horse hair brush

Agitate with the Gyeon Horse Hair Brush to enhance the cleaning efficiency.

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Protect trim surfaces with trim coating to make your regular maintenance effortless.

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Vinyl dressing

Protect your vinyl surfaces from UV rays and restore them with Gyeon Preserve.

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Tips & tricks

Spray VinylCleaner on BaldWipe to wipe interior trim for daily maintenance. For heavier soil or grime, agitate with a brush and let it dwell on rubber or interior/exterior trim to enhance cleaning power.

TIP: VinylCleaner is a perfect everyday maintenance product for interior trim, leaving a matte and factory-fresh look. It can also be used for engine bay vinyl surfaces.

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GYEON Vinyl Cleaner 500ml

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Q²M VinylCleaner is a gentle maintenance product formulated for regular use. It will not discolor or fade any interior trim. Removes dust and light dirt spots in a flash. Does not leave any residue behind, preparing the surface for Q²M Preserve. Q²M VinylCleaner has light anti-static properties, making it a great everyday product for the interior of your car.

  • CONSUMPTION: 100ml/car



Q²M VinylCleaner is a gentle vinyl cleaner that might be used on all types of trim, including trim protected with quality dressings. It removes dirt and dust leaving a pleasant matt finish and absolutely no residue behind. Q²M VinylCleaner is the perfect solution for everyday use.


Spray on an HQ, short hair microfiber cloth. Clean the surface, then wipe dry with another side of the fiber cloth.

Yes, you can. It can be used on any type of plastic trim surfaces.

Secure the sprayer in a closed position and store it in a dry, dark, and cool place. Do not allow it to freeze, and avoid exposing it to sunlight.

Yes, you can, but we recommend using Gyeon Prep for a final wipe to ensure the surface is residue-free and ready to coat.

Agitation is only necessary when dealing with heavy soil or grime. For general maintenance, simply spray onto a towel and wipe.

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