MTM Under Carriage Upgrade Nozzle Kit 22.5013

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Upgrade your Undercarriage Cleaner with our new High Pressure replacement nozzles. These stainless nozzles have a smaller orifice at a 1.3 size (.6 mm) which maximizes your available pressure to clean at greater distances from the ground. Not only will these replacement nozzles generate more pressure, they have a more even disbursement of cleaning power with a 65° spray pattern to eliminate striping under lower profile vehicles. We have also included a Stainless high pressure inline filter to reduce the risk of debris clogging the small nozzles holes.

Included items:

  1. 4 x 65° SS ¼” threaded Male NPT nozzles

  2. ¼” Male NPT high pressure stainless prefilter

  3. Teflon tape

  4. Installation instructions