GYEON Q² Quick View 120ml

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GYEON Q² Quick View 120ml - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q² Quick View 120ml - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON Q² Quick View 120ml

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Ensure that the glass surface is free of any contaminants to guarantee maximum bonding. We recommend decontaminating the surface using Q²M Clay Mild or Coarse, followed by wiping the glass with Q²M Prep before applying Q² QuickView.

Tip: Apply in a circular motion, section by section, to ensure an even application. Allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes and then wipe it with a damp Q²M BaldWipe.

Clean & Coat

GYEON Glass+ cleans and coats at the same time, making it great for maintaining and boosting GYEON Quick View.

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Dedicated window cleaner

Just clean with GYEON Window cleaner, and you're ready to apply Quick View.

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Q² View

Q² View is the stronger version of QuickView. If you're looking for a window coating, Q² View is the one to choose.

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GREAT VISIBILITY & Easy Application

With its unique bottle design, coat your windshield in a matter of seconds. No other preparation is needed, just use a glass cleaner.

The ultra-slick coat of Q² QuickView ensures outstanding repellency to both water and dirt. It enhances visibility and safety in adverse weather conditions, even without using wipers. Keep your windshield crystal clear!

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gyeon quickview window ceramic coating

GYEON Quick View 120ml


Q² QuickView is designed as an easy to use rain repellent that will last at least 6 months. Its application is a matter of seconds thanks to the unique bottle design and felt applicator.


The ultra-slick coat of Q² QuickView ensures outstanding repellency of both water and dirt. It increases visibility and safety in bad weather conditions even without using wipers. Keep your windshield crystal clear!


With its unique bottle design, coat your windshield in a matter of seconds. No other preparation other than using a glass cleaner is needed. 


Make sure the glass surface is free of any contaminants - to ensure maximum bonding, we recommend to decontaminate the surface using Q²M Clay Mild or Coarse, then wipe the glass with Q²M Prep before the application of Q² QuickView.TIP: Apply in a circular motion, section by section to ensure even application. Let it dry at least 5 minutes and wipe with a damp Q²M BaldWipe.

  • DURABILITY: up to 6 months
  • PH TOLERANCE: 2-11
  • CONSUMPTION: 30ml/car

Applying QuickView is quick and easy. Simply clean with a window cleaner, and you're good to go. Apply QuickView in a circular motion, let it set for 5 minutes, then buff off with a GYEON BaldWipe (non-linting coating removal towel). If you let it set for too long and have trouble wiping it off, wipe with a damp cloth, then follow up with a dry one.

All GYEON coatings can be applied outdoors. Ensure stable conditions, never use in direct sunlight and check the weather forecast!

For QuickView, wipe off in 2 to 3 minutes if applied outdoors. Use a damp cloth to assist with removal if needed.

QuickView can be used on clear vinyl (motorcycle fairings) and rear-view mirrors. Simply clean the fairings with glass cleaner or Prep, then apply.

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GYEON Quick View FAQs

Q² can last quite a while on side and back windows, where no wipers are in contact—up to 12 months per coat. On the front windshield, QuickView can last up to 6 months or so. It's formulated to withstand alcohol, so it will withstand winter washer fluids.

About 5 minutes. If left for too long, you can use a damp towel to aid in removal.

About 20 minutes. During layering, there's no need to wipe off the first layer; simply apply the second coat over the curing first.

The 120ml bottle will be able to cover approximately four vehicles, including all windows.

Yes, it is encouraged to do so.

QuickView is ready to go in an hour or two. However, the longer you let it cure, the better.

A temperature of at least 10°C is recommended, although you can still attempt the application between 5°C to 10°C if necessary. If the temperature reaches 30°C, then it's on the warmer side, and you will need to retreat into the shade.

Either maintain with GYEON Glass+ or Glass, preferably Glass+ because it adds another layer of hydrophobicity, and as frequently as you'd like.

You won't get high spots with Gyeon QuickView; it buffs off easily when applied correctly.

Officially, Gyeon recommends the product to be used within 2 to 3 years when new. If the bottle has been opened, it's best to use up the product in 6 to 12 months to preserve the product's maximum effectiveness.

No problem at all. Coatings contain a significant amount of solvents and exhibit high chemical stability. For more details regarding winter shipping, please refer to our FAQ section on winter shipping.

Although QuickView can be applied outdoors, when the sun is blazing and the temperature is high, you can use a damp towel to assist with product removal. Work the product in a circular motion, and when layering, there's no need to buff off the first layer; simply apply a second coat and buff them all off at the same time.

It can also be applied to windshield protection films as well. Great for shower doors too!