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GYEON Q²M Cure Redefined

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Sharp darkening effect

GYEON Cure not only protects the coating from waterspots but also looks really good on darker-colored vehicles as it adds a shade of tint, making the appearance deep and wet. It looks even better on lighter-colored paint, as finally, there's a product that increases the 'depth' for lighter-colored vehicles.

Mohs EVO

Legendary Mohs EVO ceramic coating. Very, very slick.



GYEON Pure EVO has similar characteristics to Cure, as both tint the paint for a candy-apple look.


Plush edgeless towels

This is a must for any exterior detailing work for a zero scratch finish. Best towels for using Cure.

Shop GYEON SoftWipe EVO

The triplets

Check out the other two if you still haven't; Cure is the most durable of the three and has the strongest filling (hiding light swirls) and darkening effect, as well as waterspot resistance.

Tip: Do not overuse the product and use it only in the shade, or it may leave streaks/shadows because it's very concentrated and needs to be so in order to be effectively darken paint and fill light swirl marks.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.


Q²M Cure Redefined has been developed as an innovative, silica-based maintenance spray for ceramic coatings. It prolongs the durability and enhances both gloss and repellency. Regular use allows to gain up to 90% of the regular durability of hydrophobic properties. Q²M Cure Redefined proves to be an excellent spray sealant, offering protection even on uncoated surfaces.

PREVENTS WATERSPOTS AND STAINS: For the first couple of weeks following application, ceramic coatings exhibit an insignificant tendency to develop hard water stain deposits. Using Q²M Cure Redefined immediately after the base SiO2 coating application will help eliminate that risk entirely. It gives the paint a vivid shine, restoring the “just after coating” appearance.

REDEFINED: We are introducing our REDEFINED line. At GYEON, we’ve taken our renowned chemical formulas to a whole new level. We’ve reworked and refined them to deliver unmatched performance, exceptional durability, and the utmost ease of use. We’re committed to giving our customers the best user experience possible.

BEST PRACTICE AND PRO-TIPS FROM YVES HEYLEN: Q²M Cure Redefined dramatically increases the gloss and slickness of the paintwork. It also has a darkening effect, visible on every type of paint. TIP: Dilute 1:1 with demineralised water to make wipe-off easier and reduce possible streaks on dark paints.

Cure is very concentrated, containing between 5-10% SiO2, which enables it to darken paint, fill light swirl marks, and resist waterspots from caking onto ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Detailer is a Quick Detailer with added ceramics for enhanced durability and an anti-static effect.

Quick Detailer's solution is slipperier, making it suitable for removing light dust on the go.

It may streak and leave shadows if the panels are too hot or if too much product is used because it's very concentrated.

Between 3~4 months.

Yes. Won't hide all your scratches but will improve them.

Yes, it is compatible with all exterior surfaces.

No, use GYEON Cure Matte instead.

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