CARPRO IronX Lemon Scent

CarPro IronX Lemon Scent 500ml
CarPro IronX Lemon Scent - CARZILLA.CA
CarPro IronX Lemon Scent - CARZILLA.CA

CARPRO IronX Lemon Scent

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Easily removes iron particles

Safe and pH Neutral

IronX features an advanced pH-balanced (pH-7) formula that safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination caused by automotive brakes, rail travel, and construction from delicate vehicle surfaces. It can be used on paint, plastic, chrome, glass, and alloy wheels.

Removes browning

A potent tire cleaner designed to eliminate all browning, and it's safe for use on white walls.

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Wheel Ceramic

DLUX is heat-resistant and can be applied to wheels, brake calipers, and exhaust tips.

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SiO2 Tire Coating

A durable SiO2 tire dressing that can last for up to 3 months.

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Strong and fast decon

Use CARPRO IronX as part of the chemical decontamination process, right before the initial wash. Always work on a cool panel and avoid direct sunlight. On hot days, work in sections and do not allow the product to dry.

It's important to note that IronX does not replace clay bars but complements them. IronX helps remove the majority of contaminants, making the clay bar process safer.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

The 'good smelling' iron X in its glorious lemon scent - with the same fire power.

IronX’s advanced pH-balanced (pH-7) formula safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination caused by automotive brakes, rail travel and construction from delicate vehicle surfaces. It can be used on paint, plastic, chrome, glass and alloy wheels. IronX works by forming a water-soluble complex with iron particles lodged in the surface, allowing them to be rinsed free, while cleaning deeper than washing or claying alone. Available in Original, Lemon Scent, and concentrated IronX Paste formulas for stubborn contaminants, IronX is the original, and still the best, acid-free iron fallout remover.

How do iron particles appear on your car surface and where? Iron particles are all around us, and of course on our cars after travelling through the environment. They can be made from your car braking, driving near other cars, big trucks, train rails, industrial zones etc. They adhere to the car surface and once they "stick" to your paint due to their sharp edges together with sunshine they start to bake into the soft car paint layer where they oxidize and rust.

How to prevent iron dust from etching your paint? It’s almost impossible to prevent the irons to stick on the surface, but it has been proven that inorganic coatings (such as Cquartz & CQUK) that have self-cleaning effects can reduce the quantity of iron that adheres to the surface.

How to remove iron particles from the surface? There are a few options. Clay bar is one of them however claying will remove most of the irons by shaving them, which leaves some underneath the surface where it cannot reach. Also, clay could possibly mar your paint with micro scratches together with the iron it catches.  Another option is by oxalic acid solutions. Though it may remove iron you can’t be sure it is safe on paint, which depends on dilution (low pH ), and it’s not safe to use for your own health and environment.  The third option is by Iron X, a pH-neutral product, which reacts only with iron particles which it dissolves.  IronX contains a specific chemical that reacts aggressively with iron… BUT and it’s big but, this chemical is very unstable if not mixed in the right % ,its sensitive to heat as well. This means it can even react with open air and change color to red/purple without any contact with iron!

Why does it change colour? Iron X changes colour to red/purple when coming in contact with iron particles, this is due to chemical reaction between the chemicals and iron.  However, some other products change colours as well. The change in colour does not necessarily mean a product is dissolving iron. There are very cheap chemicals that change their character simply by contact with air. 

Will Iron X stain chrome wheels or chrome trims? No, it’s completely safe to use on any chrome wheels, trim, or bare aluminium wheels. There is only one condition: Do not let it dry under sunlight

Will Iron X discolor wheel weights? Yes, it will. Wheel weights are made from lead, Iron X will change the lead colour to green. However light agitation will recover the original colour.

Will Iron X affect brake callipers? For most high-end callipers it will not affect them however we have heard from customers in the past that Iron X can affect the paint colour of low-quality acrylic painted callipers. For this reason, we advise you to be more careful not to spray on them.

Will Iron X remove wax from car paint?  Yes and no, if it’s a highly organic oil type it will affect the wax properties. If it’s a synthetic polymer sealant it won’t affect it much. On Cquartz or other inorganic coatings it won’t affect them at all. In fact, it is even recommended for use on them.

Does Iron X remove tar spots as well? No, Iron X reacts only with iron particles.

Is Iron X safe to use on 3M films venture shields?  Yes, there is no problem at all using it on clear bra's and others.

Why does it smell bad?  This is the nature of the chemical used, you cannot avoid this. If it doesn’t smell so strong it means it has very little effect on iron or is a very diluted or inferior formula. We do advise you to use a facemask and latex (or Nitrile) gloves while using Iron X.

Can I leave Iron X to dry on the surface? Yes, you can leave Iron X on the surface to dry, but not under direct sunshine!   However, I don’t suggest you leave any chemical composition to dry.

Iron removers are not meant to replace clay barring but to complement it. Iron remover will eliminate the majority of iron contaminants, making clay barring safer. A clay bar will not pick up as much contaminants and grit, reducing the risk of scratching the paint.

IronX is also excellent for decontaminating hard-to-reach areas, cracks, and crevices. It's a must for removing iron from complex areas such as wheels, rotors, brake calipers, etc.

You can use CARPRO IronX on all exterior surfaces: PPF, plastics, glass, rubber trims, wheels, aluminum, painted surfaces, and metal surfaces.

Always use IronX on cool surfaces. The reason is, you don't want the product to evaporate before it can chemically react with the iron fillings to bleed them off. And you don't want the 'purple' to dry on the surface.

It does have a 'funky' smell, but don't worry, it's not toxic.

They share the majority of base chemistry and have equal potency. The only difference is that 'Lemon Scent' has an even less intrusive smell.

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