Zymol Atomic Graphene Shield Spray Coating 23oz

Zymol Atomic Graphene Shield Spray Coating 23oz

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Zymol Atomic Graphene Paint Shield is formulated with carbon atom graphene and pure carnauba concentrate to provide a very hard, high gloss shine that stays hydrophobic on any finish.  What makes this product different is it doesn’t sit on the car’s surface, it bonds and "becomes part of paint". Unlike silicones, waxes and polymers that sit on a painted surface, Graphene bonds atomically with the paint. This gives it a durability rating of 18-24 months.


Shake well.  Spray onto a clean surface.  Spread immediately with a (foam, microfiber) applicator.  Let stand for 90~120 seconds.  Spray again then buff gently with a microfiber towel.  Apply in shade only, treat it like applying a coating/spray coating, which it is.