Zaino Z-AIO All-in-one 16oz

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Zaino Z-AIO All-in-one 16oz

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Zaino Z-AIO ALL-IN-ONE is here.

• Excellent daily driver solution
• Easy to apply & remove
• Apply by hand or machine
• Safe for all paint types
• Restores dull paint & minor oxidation
• Safely smoothes minor flaws & cleans embedded debris
• Leaves a glossy & strong protective layer
• Excellent base coat setup for optional Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO application
• Does not contain any oils or fillers

Zaino is proud to build on the success of it's line of award winning Zaino Show Car Polish Products with Zaino Z-AIO ALL-IN-ONE. Z-AIO simplifies the task of painted surface maintenance. Z-AIO's versatility on all paint types make it your one source, goto polish. Whether on your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, Z-AIO can be your true SINGLE polish & protectant product.

With an emulsifying cleaner and very mild abrasive, Z-AIO gently cleans and protects while effectively enhancing light refraction and reflectivity for remarkable results. The advanced polymeric substructures within Z-AIO produces optically perfect layers to all paint types, yet also provides excellent adhesion and detergent resistance, resulting in a strong and glossy layer of polymer based synthetic protection.

Z-AIO is an excellent solution for daily driven vehicles. Exposure to environmental elements as well as surface contaminants affect the look and life of your paint.  Contaminants like tree sap, tar, bird droppings, bug remains, road grime, and many other pollutants can be easily removed with Z-AIO. Z-AIO includes our most advanced sunscreen and UV protection.

Z-AIO can either be used by itself, or as an excellent foundation & bonding agent for the full line of advanced Zaino Show Car Polish Products.

Although it is not required, you may follow up Z-AIO with application of any Zaino Show Car Polish protectant, including our new advanced Z-CS Clear Seal, or Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO products.

Z-AIO succeeds and obsoletes Zaino Z-1 Show Car Polish Lok.

For a limited time only, order Z-AIO in a package with other exciting new Zaino products. See Zaino Triplets.

The Z-AIO bottle contains 16 fl. ozs. (473 ml.)


  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Thoroughly wash and dry vehicle as normal.
  3. Apply Z-AIO to our #314 cotton applicator pad. Work Z-AIO into the surface, one section at a time, using firm motions, completing entire vehicle. Allow to dry.
  4. Wipe residue, buffing to a super gloss with a high quality 100% soft cotton cloth.

NOTE: Z-AIO is very durable. If your goals are great shine and maximum protection on daily drivenvehicles, we recommend 3-4 applications per year. For best results, maintain with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Spray Seal and Z-7 Show Car Wash..





  1. How much Z-AIO will I use to apply to my car?
    On an average vehicle, we use less than 1 oz. of Z-AIO when applied by hand. We use Z-AIO on all paint, glass, plastic, wheels, chrome, or any non-porous surfaces.

  2. How often should I apply Z-AIO?
    For daily driven vehicles, customers who use Z-AIO by itself should apply 3 to 4 times per year for maximum protection.

  3. Does Z-AIO replace Z-1?
    Yes. While there are differences between each product, Z-AIO adds many more benefits, thus retiring Z-1. Z-AIO contains some cleaning agents, as well as enough gloss & protectant to be a true one product solution for some customers. Z-1 required the use of a subsequent protectant like Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, while Z-AIO does not.

  4. Can I use the ZFX additive with Z-AIO?
    Yes. While ZFX is not required for use with Z-AIO, ZFX will heighten gloss & slickness, and extend the durability of Z-AIO. If you choose to use ZFX with Z-AIO, use the same ZFX instructions as you would with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

  5. What if I want to apply Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO on top of Z-AIO?
    You will certainly be very happy with the results. As curing is not required with Z-AIO when used with our protectants, you can apply Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO immediately after wiping the residue of Z-AIO. 

    For subsequent applications of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PROZFX is not required unless you want to apply multiple coats of product in quick succession (this is a benefit of using ZFX). Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO without ZFX can optionally be applied no more than once every 8-12 hours. However, if you choose to apply ZFX enabled Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO on top of Z-AIO, follow the respective directions for those Zaino protectants.

  6. Will I need ZFX for use with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO after using Z-AIO?
    Not unless you plan to accelerate cure time and apply multiple coats of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO within a 12 hour period. After using Z-AIO initially, you may continue to apply layers of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO as long as you continue to see beading as a sign of durability, without needing Z-AIO as a pre-cleaner or conditioner. 

    However, most daily driven vehicles can probably benefit from an occasional use of Z-AIO for it's minor cleaning and correction of paint contaminants and defect.

  7. Can Z-AIO be layered?
    I wouldn't. There would be little, if any, gain to layering Z-AIO as any later application would likely remove the benefit of the prior one. If you're trying to accomplish a greater depth of gloss and heightened protection with layering, it should be done with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

  8. Can Z-AIO be used with a random orbital buffer?
    Sure. A lot of our beta testers use Z-AIO and a buffer with great success, but the developmental initiative was focused on ease of application and results when applied by hand.

  9. When would I use Z-AIO verses Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO?
    Z-AIO is not in the same product category as Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO. Neither Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO contain any cleaners or abrasives. Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO achieve higher gloss and durability than can be attained with a single product that includes cleaners or abrasives. Most customers will choose to use Z-AIO as the foundation to other Zaino Show Car Polish protectants like Z-CS Clear Seal, or Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

  10. How does Z-AIO compare to Z-PC?
    Z-AIO is a less abrasive product that contains gloss and durability, while Z-PC offers no protection and is more agressive. For minor oxidation and surface debris cleansing, Z-AIO can handle it. If it's necessary to work a little deeper to resolve more serious surface imperfections, Z-PC should be used. Use of Z-PC requires follow up with another protectant like Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, or even Z-CS Clear Seal, while Z-AIO does not.

  11. Does Z-AIO include any UV protection?
    Yes. Z-AIO contains our best UV inhibitors that protect against potentially damaging sun exposure and ultra-violet light.

  12. Should I use Z-AIO on painted plastic?
    Definitely. You can and should use Z-AIO on nearly all exterior surfaces including: paint (including door jambs), glass, plastic lenses, wheels, chrome or any non-porous surfaces. Z-AIO will not stain or leave a residue.

  13. I use the full line of Zaino products to protect my vehicle. How does Z-AIO fit in?
    Z-AIO can be used as a stand alone product. However, most customers will choose to incorporate Z-AIO into the system of Zaino protectant and maintenance products. Here are some suggestions:
    Use Z-AIO by itself.
    Use Z-AIO and top with Z-CS.
    Use Z-AIO and top with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.
    Use Z-AIO, with layers of Z-2 PRO and/or Z-5 PRO, and then top with Z-CS.

    And for the most extreme enthusiast...
    While not required, for the ULTIMATE in paint protection and an INCREDIBLE show car finish, use Z-AIO, followed by 2 coats of ZFX enabled Z-5 PRO, then 1 coat of Z-2 PRO (including a Z-6 wipe down between coats) and finish off with an application of Z-CS. Wait 12 hours, then wipe down the vehicle with Z-8. Get your sunglasses out, the gloss may be blinding. 

    Maintain and extend the wet gloss and durability by using Z-7 Show Car Wash with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Spray Seal.