Xtreme Solutions LVR 500 Flawless Cut 16oz

Xtreme Solutions LVR 500 Flawless Cut 16oz

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LVR 500 Flawless Cut was designed to work flawlessly with the new age of Dual Action Polishers, Rotaries and Buffers. LVR 500 Flawless cuts was designed to be very user friendly and work with the pad you are using. For a heavier cut, use a firm foam pad or a wool cutting pad. For a medium or lighter cut, use a Uro-Fiber Pad or a Green Better Edge Light Cutting Pad. This incredible formula cuts lightning fast and stays incredibly wet longer so you can really work the paint. LVR 500 Flawless Cut has zero dusting for a quick clean-up saving both time and money!

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using.

Buffer Use: Use Uro-Fiber All-In-One Microfiber Pad for moderate imperfections and a light cutting foam pad or polishing pad for light imperfections. Apply evenly to a cool clean 2 ft. by 2 ft. area. Begin buffing slowly using light to moderate pressure. Decrease pressure as imperfections disappear.

Hand Use: Apply a small amount to area using a soft terry , rub effected area until desired results are achieved.

NOTE: LVR 500 Flawless Cut is the perfect foundation for any compounding project. For a truly FLAWLESS finish, we recommend following up with LVR 367 ICE Polish, an IPA panel prep and topping with LVR 357 Magnum Wax – Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!