Xtreme Solutions LVR 405 Showroom Elegance 16oz

Xtreme Solutions LVR 405 Showroom Elegance 16oz

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Xtreme Solutions LVR 405 Showroom Elegance

Showroom Elegance is the ultimate in new and used car maintenance, working quickly and easily on every surface of the vehicle. Xtreme Solutions developed this product to safely remove dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and daily contamination – leaving behind an incredible shine!  No streaking, no build-up, no film or residue. Just spray and wipe. The results are amazing!

Directions: Simply mist and wipe this easy to use product on any surface of the vehicle to produce a clean smooth finish every time you use it. Showroom Elegance is safe on paint, clear coat, glass, plastic, metal, vinyl, rubber, trim and textured bumpers.