Xtreme Solutions LVR 404 Helios Polishing Glaze 32oz

Xtreme Solutions LVR 404 Helios Polishing Glaze 32oz

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Xtreme Solutions LVR 404 Helios Polishing Glaze, the product is compatible with ANY wax, sealant or coating*!

Helios Polishing Glaze is a “Stage 2/3” polishing and sealing glaze specially formulated for lighter colored vehicles. This unique polish uses acrylic resins to impart a dazzling gloss unlike any glaze ever seen before! Helios Polishing Glaze will also remove buffer swirls, micro-surface imperfections, and oxidation. Helios Polishing Glaze can remove 3000 grit sand scratches and similar substrate imperfections, buffs without gumming or clogging pads, and contains no silicones or waxes. Helios Polishing Glaze leaves a non-oily mirror-like finish! Dust free and complies with all VOC regulations!

NOTE: Cures in 24 – 48 hours! DO NOT detergent wash during that time!


*Certain waxes, sealants, and/or coating require to come into contact directly with the vehicle’s surfaces. These acrylic based products contain polymers and carnuaba waxes that may interfer with surface binding. Body prepping panels with an IPA, may allow for proper product bonding. Allow for full cure time for the acrylics before body prepping.