XPEL Wash Solution 16oz

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XPEL Wash Solution 16oz

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XPEL Wash Solution is a premium cleaning solution that is tough on grime but gentle on paint. It is specifically formulated to lift and wash pollutants without stripping away previously applied waxes, sealants, and XPEL ceramic coatings. Wash Solution maintains the integrity of protective layers on painted surfaces. It is ideal for vehicles already treated with PPF or ceramic coating.

Cleans With Integrity: XPEL Wash Solution cleans surfaces without disrupting or diluting waxes or sealants like ceramic coating.

Protects Your Investment: Using XPEL Wash Solution protects your vehicle’s wax or ceramic coating by washing away pollutants without affecting these protective layers.

Gentle On Paint: Designed to target and lift dirt and grime without harming the paintwork or finish of any surface.

Peace Of Mind Detailing: Wash confidently, knowing your vehicle’s finish will be clean and unaltered.