XPEL Foam Soap 16oz

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XPEL Foam Soap 16oz

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XPEL Foam Soap delivers deep cleaning power in an easy-to-use application. It creates a rich, foamy lather that spreads out for total coverage. Foam Soap’s unique formula penetrates the surface area to break down and remove tough, stuck-on grime. Its spray-on application and removal process also help reduce the risk of micro-scratches and swirl marks caused by traditional scrubbing methods.

Premium Cleaning Power: Foam Soap is formulated to break down stubborn contaminants like grime, mud, road tar, tree sap, and bird droppings, helping to minimize the damage done to your vehicle’s clear coat.

Safer Than Scrubbing: Spraying Foam Soap and washing it away avoids the risk of micro scratches and swirl marks caused by traditional scrubbing.

Easy To Apply: Use the BIG FOAM Cannon in combination with your pressure washer to spray XPEL Foam Soap over a surface area for maximum coverage and save you the hassle of scrubbing by hand.

Great For All Vehicles: Use Foam Soap to clean cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis and more.