Wowo’s Mallow Wax 200ml

Wowo’s Mallow Wax 200ml

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Wowo’s Mallow Wax is a proprietary blend of carnauba wax, montan wax and resins for a high-gloss finish. Wowo’s Mallow Wax provides UV resistance and water beading, while also being easy to apply and even easier to remove. Wowo’s Mallow Wax gives the look of an old school paste wax, but with the latest and greatest in surface coating technology.

Everyone loves the look of an old-school paste wax, but everyone still wants the most recently developed waxes… and the two usually don’t go hand-in-hand. That is until Wowo’s Mallow Wax. As soft as a marshmallow (and it smells like one too) and as smooth as glass, Wowo’s Mallow Wax gives you all the properties you need for an easy, shiny, protective wax.

Wowo’s Mallow Wax is formulated with a unique proprietary blend of carnauba wax, montan wax and resins. What do these special ingredients mean? Well, Montan is better for heat resistance, resin-based means that it will be harder than a typical wax and the carnauba gives it a warmer shine. Combine these three factors together and you have one fully capable wax, ready to take whatever the environment throws at it. High gloss shine is just one of the many outcomes when using Wowo’s Mallow Wax.

Speaking of the environment, Wowo’s Mallow Wax will provide your car with excellent amounts of protection, especially when it comes to UV rays and water beading. Like most waxes, when applied, water beading is an occurring factor and that is no different with Wowo’s Mallow Wax, especially since two waxes were combined to make it. Instead of sitting on your surface, water will bead up and roll of your car, preventing contaminants from sticking along and embedding in your surface. Wowo’s Mallow Wax also protects against UV rays, preventing factors such as oxidation, from occurring.

- Simply take a Foam or Microfiber Applicator and give it a couple twists within the can of wax.
-Apply a thin layer of wax to a painted panel. You can do one panel at a time or all the panels at once if you would prefer to let the product set.
-Buff the wax off with a clean microfiber towel.
* avoid application on rubber or plastic trim to mitigate the risk of minor discoloration*