Wowo’s Interior Finisher 500ml

Wowo’s Interior Finisher 500ml

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Wowo’s Interior Finisher is what you could hope for your interior plastics and vinyl surfaces. Wowo’s Interior Finisher is a water-based formula that safe for all surfaces. Designed with UV protection and anti-static capabilities, Wowo’s Interior Finisher will protect your interior to the extreme. Plus, Wowo’s Interior Finisher leaves a fresh scent and a satin, shiny finish. Wowo’s Interior Finisher is even easy-to-use!

Interiors contain a multitude of surfaces, all of which usually require their own special product. This can become costly and time consuming! Save time, money and energy and use the Wowo’s Interior Finisher! This interior cleaner can clean and protect all of your interior surfaces.

Wowo’s Interior Finisher is a safe, water-based formula that cleans dirt, dust, grime and other contaminants from your interior surfaces. No interior surface is too much for this product, as it is safe to use on plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces. Plus, Wowo’s Interior Finisher doesn’t give off any chemical smells, instead you get a fresh scent filling your interior! The end result will provide you with decontaminated surfaces and a satin finish. If you’d like a shiner finish, then just add a little more product and wipe it down again.

Not only will your car’s interior look and smell clean, but it will also be protected. Wowo’s Interior Finisher provides UV inhibitors that block any of the sun’s harmful rays. It also provides anti-static capabilities.

-Shake the bottle.
-Spray the affect area.
-Wipe off with a clean, microfiber towel.
-Apply a second coat for extra shine.
Give the bottle a good shake