Wowo’s Interior Cleaner 500ml

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Clean every part of your interior with Wowo’s Interior Cleaner. Wowo’s Interior Cleaner cleans the most stubborn of contaminants from all of your vehicle’s interior surfaces, including carpets, plastics, leathers, fabric and screens. The foamy and effective lather of Wowo’s Interior Cleaner provides deep action cleaning power with a fresh scent. With a matte clean look and feel, Wowo’s Interior Cleaner is easy-to-use and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue.

Your interior can get messy. There are so many different types contaminants that track into your car each and every day, effecting all types of surfaces. Save time and money with all the cleaning power you need in one bottle with Wowo’s Interior Cleaner.

Wowo’s Interior Cleaner is a do-it-all cleaner that can be used on every part of your vehicle’s interior. Safe to use on carpets, plastics, fabric, leather and even LCD screens, there is always a use for Wowo’s Interior Cleaner, thoroughly removing dirt, grime, dust and other environmental contaminants. Depending on how much product you choose to use, Wowo’s Interior Cleaner can also get rid of stains. However, Wowo’s Interior Cleaner is not made with any additives, including UV protectants, so it is best to follow up this product with Wowo’s Interior Finisher.

Unlike a lot of cleaners, Wowo’s Interior Cleaner produces a fresh scent, rather than a chemical one. Making your cleaning effort a little more enjoyable. Once Wowo’s Interior Cleaner does its job cleaning away contaminants, it will leave behind a matte look and feel, as if you were car was brand new. No need to worry about any greasy residue left behind.

-Shake well.
-Spray liberally onto the affected area and work in with a microfiber towel or brush.
-Remove excess with a microfiber towel.
-Repeat if necessary, for stubborn stains.