Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo 500ml

Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo 500ml

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Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo is one of the starting products to your detailing regimen. Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo is a highly foaming formula that is foam cannon or bucket ready. Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo can also be diluted to different purposes and strengths. Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo is high activity pH-balanced soap, made without any additives or waxes.

Sometimes when you wash your car you are faced with different scenarios. Maybe your car is more heavily soiled than normal or maybe your paint is currently unprotected, or maybe it is protected. Most car shampoos would treat these situations the same. However, with Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo, you have a special formula for each of these situations.

One wash does not fit every car, but the Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo can be diluted to fit any situation. Dilute to 100:1 for heavy soiling, 200:1 for unprotected paint and 500:1 for protected paint. Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo can be used in a foam cannon or using the traditional two bucket system.

Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo brings back the simpler times of car washing without any of the fancy additives. Instead, Wowo’s Detailer’s Shampoo is a high-activity pH-balanced soap, meaning that it is neither high in acid nor in alkaline, providing a safe but powerful wash.

*Make sure the car has been rinsed with a hose or pre-cleaned with a snowfoam or prewash*
-Shake well!
-Put the desired amount of soap into your bucket.
-Start at the op and work your way down using a wash mitt.
-Don’t allow product to dry on surface. When in direct sunlight, wash and rinse immediately.
-Rinse vehicle.
-Dry with a clean, dry, microfiber towel.