Wowo’s Contact 121 200ml

Wowo’s Contact 121 200ml

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Wowo’s Contact 121 is a wax designed with the perfect mix of carnauba and montan waxes that are blended together by latest in German and Swiss surface technology. Wowo’s Contact 121 will give your surface a deep gloss shine. Wowo’s Contact 121 also provides water repellency, with a contact angle of 121 degrees. Plus, it is easy to use, even though it comes in a jar!

There are many options when it comes to waxes. Some have carnauba, some have montan, some are in jars, some are in sprays and some provide greater amounts of protection. With so many out there, it’s hard to choose just one. With Wowo’s Contact 121, you get multiple benefits in one wax.

Wowo’s Contact 121 is carefully formulated with the latest in German and Swiss surface technology. This wax is produced using both carnauba and montan waxes, giving you protection and glow of both style of waxes. Your car will shine as bright as a diamond with a gloss you can practically see your self in.

But with great beauty, comes great responsibility. Wowo’s Contact 121 doesn’t fall flat in this area either. Instead, Wowo’s Contact 121 provides superior amounts of water repellency protection. Water will bead off your surface with ease at exactly 121 degrees, hence the name. To put it simply, it will be practically impossible for water to sit on this protected surface.

-Apply the wax using a Microfiber Applicator.
-Apply a layer of wax to a painted panel, one panel at a time or you can apply all the panels at once, if you choose to let the product set.
-Use a clean microfiber towel to buff away the wax.