Wolfgang PROFI Coating 50ml

Wolfgang PROFI Coating 50ml

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Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is a professional grade paint coating designed to provide hydrophobicity, slickness and protection to all painted surfaces. With a hardness rating of 9H, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating provides advanced protection against minor paint imperfections. With Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating you can wash your car without fear of altering your paint coating. Easy to apply, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is long-lasting and can be used by any level of experience.

Seal your paint’s deal with a ceramic coating! Profi means professional in German, meaning Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating knows what it’s doing when it comes to hardness, slickness and protection. Why spend time, money and energy on making your car clean if you won’t take the time to protect and enhance it?

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is rated a 9H on the hardness rating scale, making your coating almost as hard as a diamond. This hardness provides protection against minor paint contaminants such as swirls and light scratches. Not only that, but it also protects against dangerous chemical contaminants such as acid rain and insect remains. Because Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is resistant to chemicals, it is safe to wash your car without fear that you will alter your paint. This professional grade coating gives you the protection that could last up to three years.

Besides protection, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating provides extreme hydrophobicity. This allows for water to bead off your car, thus preventing contaminants from lingering and attaching to your car’s surface. Thanks to its hydrophobic nature, your car will be super slick and sleek.

Easy to apply, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is perfect for any detailer, no matter the level of experience. Once properly washed, dry and prepped, all you have to do is apply Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating to a foam applicator and apply to the surface in a 2 x2 square foot area. Once you witness a rainbow flash, you can buff away the excess product. For best results, let the coating cure for 12-24 hours before it gets wet.

-Do not apply in direct sunlight.
-Wash, dry and correct paint if applicable.
-Prepare the surface for coating with Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep to remove all traces of polishing oils.
-Apply several drops of Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating onto a foam coating applicator.
-Wipe onto the surface to be coated, working in a 2 x2 square foot area.
-Allow product to flash (rainbow appearance) before buffing excess product away.
-Continue around vehicle until all surfaces are coated.
-Allow coating to cure for approximately 12-24 hours before exposing paint to moisture.