Wolfgang Plastic Surface sealant 8oz

Wolfgang Plastic Surface sealant 8oz

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Headlight lens covers are typically made of polycarbonate, a durable plastic that has high impact resistance. Since the lenses are constantly bombarded by flying debris, polycarbonate is the perfect material for covers. However, it lacks the necessary UV resistance.

If your lenses haven’t succumbed to the elements yet, you can prevent clouding with Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant.

Polycarbonate lenses are usually coated with a hard coat that gives them additional UV and moisture resistance. This coat diminishes as the vehicle ages (it can take as little as 2 years) and the lenses begin absorbing UV rays, causing them to cloud. At that point, you can restore them or replace them.

Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant forms a clear barrier over your plastic lenses to shield them from contamination and UV rays. The sealant is formulated to seal clear plastic without streaking or yellowing. It dries crystal clear so your headlights look and perform better. Rather than lighting the road ahead with a dull, filtered glow, you’ll see bright beams of light shining on everything in your path. It’s much safer and your vehicle will look great with a clean set of lenses. By blocking out UV rays, this sealant prevents the clouding that occurs on older lenses. Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant is just one more way to maintain your vehicle’s youthful appearance!