Vac 'N’ Blo Automotive VNB-83BA

Vac 'N’ Blo Automotive VNB-83BA - CARZILLA.CA
Vac 'N’ Blo Automotive VNB-83BA - CARZILLA.CA

Vac 'N’ Blo Automotive VNB-83BA

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Vac 'N’ Blo Automotive VNB-83BA

Vacuuming your car is a breeze with Vac N Blo.

  • On road or off, Vac N Blo® offers the versatility you need.

  • This twin fan 4 peak horsepower vacuum is the most powerful car vacuum ever tested.

  • It has an amazing 95" of water lift (the standard measure for a vacuums efficiency).

  • Compact, powerful, portable, it’s heavy-duty, lightweight, all-steel body is only 17" long and 7" in diameter which makes it easy to handle.

  • Use it off road, too, as a vacuum for cleaning around the house or yard, or as a blower to inflate rafts, air mattresses or blow away leaves.

  • The Vac N Blo comes fully equipped with a wide range of attachments, so whether the job calls for power or precision, you'll have the right tool at hand.

  • A 6’ flexible hose plus two 20" extensions reach even the furthest corners.

  • Other attachments include: an upholstery tool, dust brush, crevice tool, blower nozzle, air mattress inflator, shoulder strap plus 4 "detailing" attachments to get into tiny spaces. The Jumbo Vac N Blo® makes vacuuming a breeze.

  • It’s great for cars, trucks, SUVs or to clean your garage.

  • The features include: 4.0 peak HP motor producing 95 inches of water lift and almost 5 times the bag capacity of the standard Vac N Blo®.

  • It features All Steel Construction and made in the USA!

  • The Turbo Hand Tool is an excellent option for either the Jumbo or Regular Vac N Blo®.

  • The tremendous suction produced by the Vac N Blo® turns a turbine within the THT-1 which in turn rotates a bristle brush at warp speed.

  • The result from these machines is a more efficient way of getting dust, dirt and debris from carpeting and floor mats.

Vac 'N’ Blo Compact Car Vac


Construction: Sturdy All Steel

Motor: 4.0 Peak HP

Electrical: 120 Volt, 11.25 AMPS, 1,350 Watts

Power: 12 ft. Grounded Cord

Filtration: Permanent Cloth Dust Bag and E/Z Change Foam Filter

Hose: 6 ft Flexible Hose

Attachments: Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Dust Brush, "Powerizer" Air Maximizer, Magig-Air Inflator Nozzle, Shoulder Strap, 4-Piece Detailing Tool Kit, 2-20" Extension Wands

Dimensions/Weight: 17" Long , 19 lbs.

Warranty: 1 Year