Turtle Mist Glass Cleaner 20oz

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Turtle Mist Glass Cleaner 20oz

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Hybrid Solutions Streak-Free Mist Glass Cleaner Inside & Out


The Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions line is designed by – and for – the industry’s most discerning detailers. Yet this cleverly crafted, professional-grade, suite of products is the most approachable on the market from an ease-of-use and price perspective. With the perfect blend of the latest technologies in car care, teamed with Turtle Wax’s decades of experience, Hybrid Solutions is guaranteed to deliver unmatched results. Now Hybrid Solutions technology can be used inside the car.

  • Cut, Clean & Shine all glass surfaces 
  • Fine misting sprayer sprays product evenly for easier cleaning 
  • Unique blend eliminates oily dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges, bug splatter bird droppings, smoke haze, and more! 
  • Leaves behind a clean fresh scent 

How To Use: 

  • Shake bottle well 
  • Pull trigger for short, medium, or pump for continuous bursts 
  • Use a sweeping motion to spray product across glass surfaces 
  • Using a clean, dry microfiber towel firmly wipe the product well until surfaces are cleaned. 
  • Clean all the outer edges first before cleaning the center of the glass. This will ensure even cleaning and coverage 
  • Use quality microfiber glass towels and flip your towel when cleaning each window.