TUFSHINE Spray & Shine Detailer 22oz

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TUFSHINE Spray & Shine Detailer 22oz

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Spray & Shine is the NEXT GENERATION of Quick Detailer products. It provides one of the slickest feeling finishes available and has been tested against most major brands. It is a anti-static protective coating that enhances the gloss and shine in just minutes. It will level out imperfections in the clear coat to give the paint SPARKLE. It cures and bonds to the surface providing a more durable finish.

How does it work? It works in two different ways to effectively clean the car’s finish and leave behind a high gloss, water-beading coating.

"The lubricating formula and other cleaning agents remove light dust, bug splatters, fingerprints, tar and bird droppings. These same lubricating agents then leave a smooth, glossy, protective film on the car."

May be used on paint, black plastic trim, chrome, and glass. Leaves no haze or residue.

TUF SHINE Spray & Shine Features

This unique, NEXT GENERATION formula provides an outstanding shine. The superior protectants repel rain and snow, leaving that just waxed look. It beads as well as any wax and lasts longer than most wax based detail sprays. It is one of the slickest finishes available and has been tested against most major brands. It actually bonds and cures to the surface, providing a glossy, durable finish. Important: Before use, paint must be in good condition. Spray & Shine will fill microscopic imperfections, but will not repair scratched, damaged or oxidized paint.


  • One EZ step cleans, shines and protects an average car in less than 15 minutes.
  • Water will bead on paint as if it was just waxed.
  • Formulated using high tech polymers.
  • Protects paint and clear coat finishes.
  • Perfect for black and dark colored finishes. Leaves no white haze or residue of any kind.
  • Won't leave swirl marks when properly applied.
  • Anti-static. Will not attract dust.
  • Goes on easy and buffs dry in seconds. Like wiping off water, it's that simple!
  • Use on paint, chrome, plastic, glass, fiberglass, metal and any other hard non-porous surface.
  • One product does all non-porous surfaces.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Immediate results.
  • Adds high luster.
  • Enhances gloss for a "showroom" finish.
  • Not a replacement for wax, but will extend the time between waxing.
  • Lubricates the paint to prevent spider webbing and dry paint checking.
  • Apply with soft clean terrycloth or micro-fiber towels. Use one towel to apply and a second, dry towel to polish.
  • May be applied in direct sunlight without streaking when immediately wiped dry.
  • Towels can be machined washed after use.
  • 6 to 10 applications with one 22 oz. bottle