TACSYSTEM Water Spot Zero 1L

TACSYSTEM Water Spot Zero 1L

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TACSYSTEM Water Spot Zero - Coating safe water spot remover.

Water Spot Zero is very effective against majority of water spotting on paint, glass, and plastics. Water Spot is slightly below neutral (pH), as certain acidic attributes are required to dissolve mineral deposits, however it has been fine tuned to be safe on coatings.

There are multiple stages of mineral etching:

Stage 1 surface deposits: this is where Water Spot Zero comes in, it chemically dissolves the minerals easily and efficiently.

Stage 2 surface etching: Water Spot Zero will be able to remove 70% of the water marks, however the rest are physically imprinted into the clear coat, thus using a light abrasion polish is required.

Stage 3 below surface etching: This is unlikely on modern paint, as paint blends get better over time, so does its impermeability. However on softer paint or on older single stage paints, this can be more common. Use Water Spot Zero to clean out any visible minerals first, then follow up with a heavy compound/polish.

After treating with Water Spot Zero, make sure to wash surface again or use Oil Zero.

General instructions:

Either spray and wipe or spray and rinse. Do not let dry, do not use on fabric/canvass convertible tops and maximum reaction time on substrate is 6 minutes. Be more cautious on vinyl, car bras, rubber and plastics.