TACSYSTEM Tac Hyeong Wax 300ml

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TACSYSTEM Tac Hyeong Wax 300ml

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Tacsystem Shinee Wax: but in a hydrophilic form.

Why use a hydrophilic product?

A hydrophilic product means a 'sheeting' product, sheeting can be extremely helpful where the mineral content is high in water, having a product bead and not drying it off right away means heavy waterspots, if left too long on the paint, it'll etch into the paint that'll require polishing to remove. A hydrophilic product is often overlooked, it is extremely helpful in the winter time, as it helps sheet off salts and unwanted road chemicals.  Brian @ Apex explained it well in the video below.

Glossy and slick like the Shinee Wax

The product was produced with gloss in mind, and sheeting as a secondary attribute.  Tacsystem Shinee Wax has proven again and again to be the top dog in the gloss meter showdowns, and the Tac Hyeong Wax is crafted to beat its own record.


  • This is a simple spray-and-wipe product.
  • Can be used when the vehicle is dry or wet.
  • Best to lay down a good first layer when the vehicle's dry.
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces (windows, wheels, trims, PPF, chrome etc).