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TACSYSTEM Seal Concentrate - water based silica coating for leather, plastics, rubber.

Water based protective coating for leather, pleather, plastics, rubber, engine bay. It restores the surface to like new conditions and adds a layer of hydrophobicity. When leather is coated with an UV inhibitor and anti oxidant, it retains it’s original colour for longer. This is especially the case to black interiors as black absorbs most of the wave lengths, and as we know the shorter the wave length, the more energy it has to distort and oxidize the substrate. “Ultra”violet is wavelength and energies beyond violet, at <400 nm in length. Approximately 90% of UVA bypass the ozone, and it’s often intense enough to penetrate clouds and windows. This is when UV absorbers and blockers come into play, let it be waxes, sealants, coatings, dressings etc., all the above are organic and inorganic molecules meant to absorb UV radiation to reduce degradation over time, but the absorbers themselves can degrade and weaken, thus maintenance is still required.

Seal can somewhat be treated as a "conditioner” also, as it can also reintroduce moisture into the substrate. And yes, Seal also has Siloxane as an additive, giving it strong hydrophobic properties.

General instructions:

  • Dilution ratio Seal : Water

  • Tires/Rubber - undiluted ~ 1:1 

  • Exterior Plastics - 1:3 

  • Engine - 1:1 ~ 1:3 

  • Interior / Dashboard / Leather - 1:5