TACSYSTEM Rain Coat 20ml Kit

TACSYSTEM Rain Coat 20ml Kit

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TACSYSTEM Rain Coat 20ml Kit - Window coating.

A window coating designed for water sheeting over beading. The Rain Coat is a 25% Si treatment. How come the Si concentration is much lower than the paint and wheel version at 60%, 70% and 90%? This is where it gets interesting. If you’ve already read the descriptions on the TAC coatings, you’ll know carrying agents and resins concentration is as important as the quartz itself.

Windows are a completely different surface than paint. Paint microscopically has pores, like a sponge cake, when observing a cross-dissected panel. Whereas heat treated tempered glass on vehicles doesn’t have pores, instead they’re undulating and uneven, like a waffle.

Thus the formulation is completely different than the paint versions, because the resins also needs to resist the forces the wiper exerts. Imagine applying a screen protector on a phone screen, the film itself is the SiO2, the adhesive is the resin, many of us has experienced the film peeling due to poor adhesives used.

General instructions:

The Rain Coat is still a ceramic coating, thus proper decon is still required by claying, using Oil Zero etc. Apply thin and even coat, let it dwell for 1-3 minutes and buff and residue. The surface may feel slightly tacky, just let it be, the cure time is 12-24 hours before applying a 2nd coat. Avoid using wipers for 2-3 days.

For professional use: IR lamp at 65C at 20min.