TACSYSTEM Mystic Bubble 4L

TACSYSTEM Mystic Bubble 4L

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TACSYSTEM Mystic Bubble - pH neutral coating shampoo.

A highly concentrated car wash shampoo, gentle but effective. A good shampoo not only suds up nicely, but it also needs to be slick. Slickness is actually a more important feature when picking a car shampoo than suds, as any “rinseless washes” only rely on slickness and not suds.

So what makes a “coating safe” soap? Generally it means a pH balanced soap. But the true is, all soaps should be safe on coatings, as a true, strong, properly applied coating can withstand pH from 2~14. But a real “coating shampoo” is a soap infused with SiO2, see: (https://www.carzilla.ca/tacsystem-canada/tacsystem-mystic-water-500ml)

General instructions:

Dilute 1:500 with a bucket wash, add more as needed. Add some in the bucket, also on your wash mitt. Use grit guards to minimize dirt stirring back up.

More question? We do host free weekend Seminars where we take a deep dive into it all, please see: www.carzilla.ca/events/