TACSYSTEM Iron Zero Foam 1L

TACSYSTEM Iron Zero Foam 1L

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TACSYSTEM Iron Zero Foam - Iron Zero + Mystic Bubble in a bottle. Wash and decontaminate in one step.

A blend of an hyper concentrated version of Iron Zero and Mystic Bubble in a bottle. The shampoo is pH neutral, safe on coatings, paint, glass, plastics, metals and wheels.

Great for maintenance washes, as this will decrease iron, fallout build up, prolonging the use of a clay bar. As we all know, clay bars in the professional world is often treated as an abrasion, the culprit is not only the clay itself, but also the grit it carries. Though very fine and minor, clay bar will leave its trails.

General instructions:

Dilute 1:5 to 1:10 for foam cannons, or 1:300 to 1:500 for bucket wash, adjust as needed. Let soap dwell for 2-4 minutes and watch it turn purple. Do not let dry.