TACSYSTEM Cerium Oxide Glass Polish 150ml

TACSYSTEM Cerium Oxide Glass Polish 150ml

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TACSYSTEM Cerium Oxide Glass Polish - Removes light swirl marks by hand or machine.

If you haven’t read about how cutting compounds work yet, please see here.

This time cerium oxides are used. Instead of aluminum oxides that are used to polish paint, cerium is a naturally formed mineral that’s often used by jewelers to polish natural stones, crystals, jades, quartz and such, as it produces a fine, bright glimmer. For raw powder see here. The powder is mixed in a slurry, the less water you add the more it cuts, thus you can control its abrasion with water.

Instead of all the mixing and guessing, TAC has developed their premixed version. The reason why using the raw powder and water is more difficult (but more effective), is there’ll be guess work and playing around to see what works and what doesn’t. Whereas TAC’s Glass Polish has been finely tuned to work on light swirl marks. Use in conjunction with a glass polishing pad, see here, or buffing towel.

By the way, since automotive glass is tempered (heat treated), it is very hard. If you can feel the scratch by nails, then it’s not going to be buffed out.