TACSYSTEM Aqua Waterless Wash 4L

TACSYSTEM Aqua Waterless Wash 4L

Brand: Tacsystem

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SiO2 waterless wash; cleans and recovers your ceramic coating.

Aqua Waterless can be diluted down to 1:5 or can be used straight depending on soil level. Scratch free formula with advanced polymers to encapsulate dirt and other loose contaminants, making your maintenance fast and easy. Infused with more than 5% of SiO2 that adds an additional layer of protection, can yield a non coated car hydrophobicity even, with a durability of 4~6 weeks.

Safe on paint, plastics, vinyl, PPF, metal, chrome, windows, wheels etc.

Tips: After your waterless regiment, spray Aqua Waterless full strength onto panels to layer down a strong layer of ceramics.