TACSYSTEM Anti Fog 100ml

TACSYSTEM Anti Fog 100ml

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TACSYSTEM Anti Fog - eliminates fog build up.

So how does it actually work? Fog build up you see on the windows are tiny tiny water droplets, it’s basically micro beading on glass, same beading as the ones on paint. Anti Fog does not eliminate water from adhering to glass, nor repel, it actually does quite the opposite, it promotes water cohesion. So instead of many tiny water beads forming the “foggy” window, the Anti Fog forces all the droplets into a large sheet of water. If a wax’s job is to make water bead, the Anti Fog does exactly the opposite. The window’s now clear and see through because you’re looking through a transparent, micro sheet of water. The water’s still there, just in a different form.

So this brings us to winters; anti fog does not work in freezing temperatures or will have reduced effect due to the micro droplets unable to meld into a sheet of water due to crystallization. The droplets if not frozen, tend to stiffen up, thus limiting water’s cohesive characteristics. If the droplets does get frozen, then you get the “foggy” windows look. It’s not the Anti Fog doesn’t work, it’s the crystalline forbids it to work. If it all fails, turn on the AC, as the AC’s job is also to dehumidify air.

General instructions:

Simply apply the product onto surface and let it slightly haze for 5 min, then buff off. Do not let it sit for too long, or it gets hard to remove. Applying a light 2nd coat after an hour makes a difference.