Sonus Leather Vinyl Cleaner 8oz

Sonus Leather Vinyl Cleaner 8oz

Brand: Sonus

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Sonus Leather Vinyl Cleaner - A non-oily natural sheen.

  • Gently cleans modern automotive leather interiors.
  • Superior cleaning technology.
  • Cleans fine leather and vinyl without removing the natural sheen.

The polyvinyl coating on modern leather upholstery does not make the interior "maintenance free," as some car dealerships may imply. For lasting beauty and maximum life, your leather interior should be fully cleaned and treated at least four times a year.

Sonus Leather Cleaner is a pH balanced cleaner that’s safe and effective for most pigmented and aniline leather and imitation leather finishes. Our effective water-based formula gently cleans without drying fine leather and vinyl upholstery. Do not use on suede or nubuck.