SONAX Swirl Finder Pen Light

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SONAX Swirl Finder Pen Light

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SONAX Swirl Finder Pen Light is the perfect accessory to your detailing arsenal. Extremely bright (140 lumen) LED light reveals any swirls, scratches or holograms on painted surfaces. It's lightweight and compact size makes it perfect for all detailers.

- Extremely bright 140 lumens LED light
- Telescoping lens for wide or tight light
- Push-botton switch for one-handed use
- Handy clip for shirt pockets

The Sonax Swirl Finder Pen Light is a compact and lightweight light used to reveal paint imperfections. The Sonax Pen Light is specially engineered for optimized output and run time, featuring a push-button switch cap for a single-handed operation. Features: • Extremely bright LED light • 140 lumen output (450-5000 lux @ 50cm) • Optimized light spectrum for paint inspection • Adjustable Focus (10 – 70 degrees) • Clip for clipping into a shirt pocket/suit pocket.