Soft99 Glaco DX

Soft99 Glaco DX

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A new generation of Glaco has achieved the strongest level of water repellency in the history of the series, high durability, and excellent workability. The new SARF (Strong Adhesion/Rapid Finish) technology forms a uniform and smooth water-repellent film that far surpasses conventional products, reducing frictional resistance to the ultimate level and allowing the repelled rain to simply glide away. Even though it does not use any fluoropolymers, the water-repellent effect lasts for about 4 months. The swivel head and square felt applicator automatically adjust the angle of the application surface, making it easy to release the liquid even on vertical glass surfaces and comfortably apply the liquid up to the corners of the glass. It also prevents traffic film, snow, and frost from sticking to the surface.