Shinemate ERO600G2 5" DA Polisher

Shinemate ERO600G2 5" DA Polisher

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Unleash the Power of Light weight/Precision Polishing

Elevate your car detailing experience with the Shinemate ERO600G2 Orbital Car Polisher. This cutting-edge entry level tool is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional orbital polishing performance, empowering you to achieve a flawless finish with ease.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Motor: With a robust 600~900W motor, the Shinemate ERO600G2 ensures powerful and consistent performance, making it the go-to choice for demanding polishing tasks.

  • Excellent Performance: The 9mm orbit size provides optimal control, allowing you to navigate various surfaces effortlessly. Say goodbye to swirls and imperfections as you effortlessly achieve a swirl-free, high-gloss finish.

  • Intelligent Control: Experience constant speed output under load, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance. The soft start feature minimizes polish splash, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient polishing process.

  • 6-Level Stepless Speed Regulating: Tailor the polishing speed to your specific working conditions with the 6-level stepless speed regulating feature, ranging from 2500 to 6500/min. Versatility meets precision for a truly customized polishing experience.

  • Multi-Hole Backing Plate: The innovative multi-hole design serves a dual purpose by enhancing heat dissipation and efficient dust extraction. Keep your work surface cool and clear for an uninterrupted polishing experience.

  • Ergonomic Design: The Shinemate ERO600G2 boasts a slim body for easy handling, allowing you to navigate curves and contours effortlessly. The soft grip hood ensures a comfortable and controlled operation, even during extended polishing sessions.

Elevate your detailing game with the Shinemate ERO600G2 Orbital Car Polisher—an intelligent, powerful, and ergonomic tool designed to redefine the art of car polishing. Unleash precision and efficiency as you transform your vehicle into a showroom-worthy masterpiece with each use.

Model ERO600 G2
Orbit Size 9mm
Input Power 600~900W
Speed 2500-6500/min
Backing Plate 123mm, 5"
2.1kg, 4.63lb
Thread M8