ShineMate Diamond Black Finishing Pad (5.5")

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ShineMate 5.5" Diamond Cut Black Finishing/Jeweling Pad

Diamond cuts allow material holding, ventilation and cooling.  This increases working time without the compound drying up prematurely, a must for working outdoors or hot climates.  Instead of the typical 2x2ft working area, the diamond cuts allow the same compound drying time but increased to 2.5x2.5ft working area, spreading the polishing further and cutting down work by 10%.  The open-cell design adds further ventilation and cooling, and the ability to "throw out" compound dust and other debris without trapping them in the foam that can cause unwanted marring.  

Global Leading Innovative Foam pad by ShineMate
Patent Pending World Wide

✔Designed for both Rotary & DA polishing
✔Reduce polish splash reduce heat build up
✔Reduce vibration and offer smoother handling
✔Withstand high temperature and water wash
✔Perfectly work with ShineMate EX-range DA polisher

Red T10 foam has very light cleaning action for removal of ultra-fine swirl marks,
car wash scratches, and hazing, leaving a swirl-free gloss finish when used in
conjunction with finishing polishes.

155mm (6”) foam face, 30mm thickness, 125mm (5”) hook and loop.