ShineMate 3.25" Green Heavy Cutting Pad

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ShineMate 3.25" Green Heavy Cutting Pad

Global Leading Innovative Foam pad by ShineMate. Patent Pending World Wide.

✔Designed for both Rotary & DA polishing
✔Reduce polish splash reduce heat build-up
✔Reduce vibration and offer smoother handling
✔Withstand high temperature and water wash
✔Perfectly work with ShineMate EX-range DA polisher

Green T120 heavy cut foam is in solid construction, it fast removes the deep scratches, overspray, 1200/1500# sanding disc marks, and heavy oxidation. Cut like wool pad and leave high gloss finish.
Applicable for scratch resistant and high solid ceramic paints.

Flat face 3.25 Green heavy cutting pad. 80 x 25mm for rotary and DA.