Scholl Concepts S40 Ultra-Finishing Polish 1 Kg

Scholl Concepts S40 Ultra-Finishing Polish 1 Kg

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Scholl Concepts S40 Ultra-Finishing Polish 1000g

Ultra-fine Jeweling polish

Scholl Concepts S40 is the ultimate ultra-finishing polish!  While capable of removing light defects such as fine marring, micro-scratches, fine swirls, and holograms, S40 Anti-hologram polish is the finest of all Scholl Concepts polishes and compounds. With the help of Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT) utilized in Scholl S40 Ultra-finishing polish, incredibly fine p7500 abrasives hone and jewel the finish as they break down even further to burnish the surface to the highest gloss possible.  Scholl S40 is silicone free, can be used with rotary or dual action, and is suitable for use on old single stage paints, modern clear coat and everything in between.  With a lengthy work time and zero dusting Scholl S40 treats you as well as it treats your paint!  If perfection is what you desire Scholl S40 is what your looking for.


  • Ultra High Gloss
  • Ultimate Jeweling Polish p7500 + iPT
  • Incredible depth on dark paints
  • No dusting
  • Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT)
  • Body Shop safe: free of wax and silicone
  • Versatile - Dual Action or Rotary
  • Use on any paint type


  • Made in Germany
  • 1 Kg
  • Cut: 2/8 - Fine
  • Gloss: 8/8 - Extreme
  • Abrasive: p7500