Scholl Concepts S30+ Nano Compound 1 Kg

Scholl Concepts S30+ Nano Compound 1 Kg

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Scholl Concepts S30+ Nano Compound 1000g

Finishing Polish

Scholl Concepts S30+ Nano Compound is a fine polish designed to remove minor defects such as light wash induced swirls, micro-scratches, fine swirls, and holograms.  With the help of Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT) utilized in Scholl S30+ Nano Compound, fine abrasives level minor defects as they break down even further to burnish to a high gloss.  Scholl S30+ is silicone free, can be used with rotary or dual action, and is suitable for use on old single stage paints, modern clear coat and everything in between.  Scholl S30 leaves the finish with a high gloss finish ready for coating, sealing, or waxing.  NOTE: If coating you MUST use CarPro Eraser to remove any lubricants left by polishing.


  • High Gloss
  • No dusting
  • Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT)
  • Body Shop safe: free of wax and silicone
  • Versatile - Dual Action or Rotary
  • Use on any paint type


  • Made in Germany
  • 1 Kg
  • Cut: 3/8 Light-Medium
  • Gloss: 7.5/8 - High