Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid L-DLX Long Neck Kit HR81ML

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Rupes iBrid, super nano 1 and 2 inch polisher.  New hardshell 2020 kit.

iBrid ushers in an era of innovation, flexibility, versatility, and sustainability. The new iBrid manufacturing concept will increase process efficiency and optimize the user experience. The functionality of a battery and the option of corded electric supply, all without interruption of the task at hand. The dual power supply is joined by multi-action movements in the Nano that will revolutionize the approach to cleaning and detailing. The high performance motor saves energy offering optimal performance with low environmental impact and ultimately energy savings. iBrid technology is now a reality. Backed by the BigFoot family name, its pedigree is one of reliability and quality. Paired with the full range of foams, compounds, and accessories for virtually limitless applications. You’ll certainly be surprised by the new BigFoot Nano, a multi-action tool, operated effortlessly in just one hand. Orbital movement, rotary movement, polishing, sanding, cleaning, all-in-one compact easy to use system.

With its intercheangeable accessories, BigFoot Nano iBrid iincludes 3 tools in one! The tools has got brand new features and components.


New generation Li-ION battery. Fast recharge and long duration. High torque motor provides
identical performance in battery powered or corded mode, but allows for use virtually anywhere


Allows the Nano to operate as a corded tool. The fully integrated design works just like a standard
corded tool and provides endless power for extended usage.


The tapered shape of the power supply keeps the compact design and single handed operation of
the tool while still providing endless operation time.


LED indicators display battery status ensuring proper mainte- nance of the battery itself.


Custom designed to fit the NANO’s unique battery pack system.

What's included in the HR81ML/LUX kit

  • Accessories Case with container(9.Z987/BF)
  • AC-DC adaptor(9HP120LT)
  • 2x Rechargeable power pack(9HB120LT)
  • Charger(9HC120LT)
  • Extension shaft for Nano polisher(291.390/C)
  • 6x Velcro foam polishing pad COARSE Ø30/40mm (1”1/4)(9.DA40H/6)
  • 6x Velcro foam polishing pad FINE Ø30/40mm (1”1/4)(9.DA40M/6)
  • 4x Velcro foam polishing pad COARSE Ø50/70mm (2”)(9.DA70H/4)
  • 4x Velcro foam polishing pad FINE Ø50/70mm (2”)(9.DA70M/4)
  • D-A COARSE polishing compound 250ml(9.DACOARSE)
  • D-A FINE polishing compound 250ml(9.DAFINE)
  • Rotary Functional Unit(562.390)
  • 3mm orbit Functional Unit(581.390/C)
  • 12mm orbit Functional Unit(58.390/C)
  • Polishing backing pad Ø30mm (1”1/4)(995.001)
  • Polishing backing pad Ø50mm (2”)(996.001)
  • Sanding backing pad Ø30mm (1”1/4)(997.001)
  • Horsehair Medium Cup Brush(9.BF3000)
  • Nylon Hard Cup Brush(9.BF3030)
  • 10x Adhesive Abrasive Discs for denibbing Ø35mm P2000(9.45520)
  • 10x Adhesive Abrasive Discs for denibbing Ø35mm P3000(9.45530)
  • Blue Microfiber Cloth(9.BF9050)
  • Yellow Microfiber Cloth(9.BF9060)
  • RUPES Systainer T-LOC(9.CASEIII)

~9ft cord. Vertical stack height from polisher head with pad: ~3.25"