QPON 2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating 500ml Concentrated

QPON 2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating 500ml - CARZILLA.CA

QPON 2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating 500ml Concentrated

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QPON 2.1 high-end shampoo and repair system

QP-ON 2.1 is a high-end cleaner with a special coating formula and it is used to always renew the basis of QP-ON 2.0 and - or 3.0.

  • Shampoo for re-sealing of coatings
  • High concentrate
  • Deep cleansing 
  • Low consumption


  • Dilute QPON 2.1 in water with an applied concentration of 5%.  
  • Can be used in bucket wash or foam cannon, dilute at least 5%+ of products into container.
  • Wash panel at a time, do not let dwell too long or dry on the surface.

Most of the competitive cleaning agents do not go into the depth of the structure of the material and/or damage the surface structure in the process because they are too aggressive or abrasive.

QP-ON 2.1 removes dirt and other particles - even if they sit deep in the pores - in order to create a clean, grease-free surface.

When QP-ON 2.1 is used on a surface that has previously been treated with QP-ON coatings, the formula will act as a repair solution. The fine network of QP-ON molecules can break or be damaged by signs of use and environmental influences. The application of QP-ON 2.1 ensures that any damage to the high-end coating is repaired and preserved. Guaranteed for a long time from months to years, depending on negative influences.

This line is provided by QP-ON 2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating based on the successful silicon coating, as in our other QP-ON products.

The specially developed formula seals and protects all types of inside and outside, whether hard or solid surfaces with a high-gloss surface. The highly concentrated formula is diluted in water and sprayed onto the clean, grease-free surface. Simply spread it gently and your treated surface is sealed. High gloss and a quality protection seal is guaranteed. This agent can be used on the following materials: metal, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, glass, plastic and fiberglass, wood, treated and untreated hard surfaces such as stone, marble and tiles. Painted and unpainted surfaces. For leather, canvas and canvas, vinyl and other textile surfaces, see our other products such as:  QP-ON 4.1  or QP-ON 5.0 ideally suited.


QP-ON 2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating is a soft cleaner without aggressive ingredients. The high-tech formula contains the ability to seal and protect your skin over the long term. The solution is pH neutral, protects against UV radiation, acidic and alkaline solutions, salt water and fresh water (repellent) and organic elements. During the application, the use of masks or protective clothing is not necessary due to the environmental compatibility. Tested in our European laboratories, this product meets all standards and regulations for cleaning products in the EU. 


  • Household outdoors and indoors
  • Bathrooms, mirrors, showers, bathtubs, tiles
  • Glass table tops, furniture
  • Entrance hall, polished floors, reception desks
  • Swimming pools, spas and saunas
  • Boats, yachts, jet skis, catamarans, surfboards, sailboats - outside and inside
  • Cars - alloy wheels, windows, bodywork - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels
  • Trucks - aluminum rims, windows, truck bodywork - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels
  • Motorcycles, quad vehicles, bicycles, mountain bikes
  • RVs and caravans, camping equipment
  • Airplanes, bi-engines, gliders and gliders
  • Sports equipment and all kinds of equipment


Serves as a  deep cleansing agent to facilitate the subsequent use of other QP-ON products. Also serves as a way to repair and reseal a surface that was previously treated with QP-ON 2.0 or QP-ON 3.0. QP-ON 2.1 gives surfaces a longer service life and protects the QP-ON coating. This ensures short maintenance and cleaning cycles.

Very durable protection against dirt, dust, organic and inorganic materials, resins, bird droppings, road and sea salt, salt water, fresh water, corrosion, UV-A and UV-B radiation. Preserves surfaces and gives your objects a smooth surface that is highly water-repellent and has a high resistance. The surfaces will look almost new, depending on age and other factors, and will be easier to clean. Long-term maintenance and investment protection for all types of valuable areas.

Environmentally friendly: The very protective coating means less and less cleaning and washing is necessary. Areas with  QP-ON require less water consumption and other chemical cleaning agents. This is a contribution to better protection of the environment and valuable resources such as water.

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QPON 2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating 500ml Concentrated