QPON 2.0 High End Coating Concentrated 100ml

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QPON 2.0 High End Coating Concentrated 100ml

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High-end silicone sealing to protect all hard, solid materials in one quick step.

The QP-ON 2.0 Coating is pH-neutral, silicone-free and with antistatic properties. The surfaces become highly water-repellent. Resistant to alkaline liquids, acids and other environmental pollutants. Highly effective protection against strong sunlight and UV-A and UV-B radiation. Does not require the use of mechanical devices (such as polishing machines or other devices).

  • High concentrate 100 ml diluted with 2 liters of water (1:20) = + - 100 square meters
  • Spray ON - Ready formulation
  • No waiting, no prior knowledge
  • Instant gloss
  • Can be used on all hard and clean surfaces
  • To be used inside and outside
  • Low price approx. 60 CENT per square meter
  • Shelf life from months to years
  • Can be refreshed or rebuilt at any time without sanding off the fore-ring layer.
  • Always a fresh seal thanks to the use of 3.0 shampoo


  • Home - exterior and interior
  • Bathrooms, mirrors, showers, bathtubs, tiles
  • Glass table tops, furniture
  • Entrance hall, polished floors, reception desks
  • Swimming pools, spas and saunas
  • Boats, yachts, jet skis, catamarans, surfboards, sailboats - exterior and interior
  • Cars - alloy wheels, windows, bodywork - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels
  • Trucks - aluminum rims, windows, truck bodywork - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels
  • Motorcycles, quad vehicles, bicycles, mountain bikes
  • RVs and caravans, camping equipment
  • Airplanes, bi-engines, gliders and gliders
  • Sports equipment and all kinds of equipment

Very durable protection against dirt, dust, organic and inorganic materials, resins, bird droppings, road and sea salt, salt water, fresh water, corrosion, UV-A and UV-B radiation. Preserves surfaces and gives them a smooth surface that is very water-repellent and flossed. The surfaces look almost like new (depending on age and other factors) and become easier to clean and protect.
Long-lasting preservation and investment protection for all types of valuable surfaces.

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