Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Decon Clay 200g (Medium)

Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Decon Clay 200g (Medium)

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Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Decon Clay 200g (Medium)

Reflection Artist DECON CLAY – Two innovative clay formulas (Fine and Medium) designed to instantly remove fine to medium environmental contaminants which can deteriorate a vehicles finish.

Formulated to easily and gently lift foreign particles, stubborn environmental surface contaminants, ferrous metal particles, overspray, tar, tree sap and bugs leaving a smooth finish.

Reflection Artist DECON CLAY can be used on virtually any hard surface such as paint, glass, chrome, plastic and fiberglass. It can be effectively used on automobiles, SUV’s, motorcycles, boats, RV's and even airplanes.

These new clay bars are available in Fine (neon green) and Medium (neon orange). Why neon green and orange in color? The bright colors will make identifying contaminant removal much easier while in use, as compared to darker traditional colors.

We also made the decision to package with two 100-gram bars versus a full 200-gram bar for two simple reasons - A dropped clay bar will instantly pick up any debris it comes in contact with and in most cases could create damage to the paint surface. That being said, having two 100-gram bars per package cuts that cost in half, if in fact a bar is dropped.

Many shops also prefer the 100-gram size, which makes not having to divide a 200-gram bar of clay much quicker. If a 200-gram size is preferred, both 100-gram bars can just be combined and boom!...ready to go!

Last but not least, the resealable packaging is for storage while not in use, to give the clay bars the most longevity…..and it has a great retail look too!