Pre-WOW Pre-Cleaner 6oz (Brush not included)

Pre-WOW Pre-Cleaner 6oz (Brush not included)

Brand: Blackwow

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Pre-WOW Pre-Cleaner 6oz (Brush not included)

Black WOW "wowed" us all with its quick and easy restoration of black exterior trim. Now the creator of Black WOW introduces Pre-WOW Pre-Cleaner, a fast-acting cleaner that removes old wax and polish residue from black trim. When you use Pre-WOW first, Black WOW darkens and restores black trim and moldings even better!

Pre-WOW Pre-Cleaner cleans rubber and plastic trim without typical solvents. Pre-WOW cleans without drying. It easily removes white wax and polish stains from dark textured trim. Pre-WOW does not harm paint and it has a pleasant scent.

Important: Pre-WOW permanently removes wax and polish stains from plastic trim!

There are two reasons to use Pre-WOW:

Removing those wax stains makes trim look better instantly.

Black WOW will have better durability and an even more impressive finish.

Pre-WOW is extremely concentrated. Start with a pea-sized amount on a clean applicator. Wipe on Pre-WOW and rub until the trim piece appears clean. For stubborn spots, you can use the Pre-WOW Trim Detailing Brush. The stiff bristles will loosen dirt and wax buildup.