Poorboy's World Super Slick & Wax Car Soap 16oz

Poorboy's World Super Slick & Wax Car Soap 16oz

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We thought we couldn't make our Super Slick & Suds any better .... but then we added wax!

Super Slick & Wax has lavish endless suds that contain lubricants and emulsifiers, that will gently wash the dirt and grime away. Super Slick & Wax was first introduced for those in colder climates where a small bit of protection would be added during washing, to help the protection on the vehicle last till spring. Super Slick & Wax can also be used in warm climates for those who want to extend the life their already applied last stage product (LSP). Super Slick & Wax also helps to prevent water spotting, especially in areas with hard water. A super concentrated formula allows you to use just 1 oz. per wash! Your dollar goes further with Poorboy's World Super Slick & Wax! 

Give your car a "fresh waxed" look by using Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds

Super Slick & Wax works with a hand bucket wash or with a foam gun / foam cannon.